EMG/Nerve Condition Study

An electrodiagnostic study (also known as a EMG/NCS study) is a test used to directly evaluate the nerves in the arms and legs.

Dr. Farrell is board certified by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine to perform and interpret these examinations.

There are 2 parts to the test.

The 1st part is the nerve conduction study. Here we use the same type of current that your body already uses to evaluate how fast your nerves are working.

We stimulate the nerve in one place and record at a different location further along the nerve to see if there is any block in the signal.

In the second part of the test we use a very small acupuncture type needle to listen to the muscle so that we can see if the nerves are still connecting to the muscle the way that they should.

This test is not difficult. In fact some people fall asleep during the examination. And the valuable information gained from this exam will help your physician make accurate decisions about your care.