Mid Back Pain


The mid back is the area below the neck and between the shoulder blades.

The part of the spine in this area is called the thoracic spine. There are many bones and joints in this part of the spine that form a tube that protects the spinal cord and nerves as they travel down your back.

This is also the part of the spine where the ribs attach and form small joints with the spine.With so many joints in this area, there are many places where arthrits can develop and become painful.

Pain in this area can also be referred pain starting somewhere else. For example, many people with neck or shoulder pain, also feel pain in this area.

In older people with fragile bones, sudden pain in this area may be caused by a compression fracture of the spine.The first step to reducing pain is to first determine where the pain starts.

This is typically accomplished by your physician listening to how your pain started and recognizing what makes your pain worse as well as with thourogh physical examination of your painful area.

X-rays, MRI, and special nerve and muscle testing may also be used to better evaluate your condition.

Once the main problem is identified, then a treament plan can be started to treat it at its source.Surgery is not usually needed to treat pain in this area.

There are certain situations where surgery may ultimately be needed. However, you want to be fully evaluated and try all means of conservative treatment before undergoing an operation in this area of your spine.

Pain here is best treated with an exercise program targeting the area where the pain begins.

There are also many types of minimally invasive injections we offer that we may be able to use to reduce the pain quickly.

Injections are typically used when the pain is so severe that it prevents you from working or performing any type of exercise program, or if you cannot progress through the exercise program because of the pain.

Compression fractures typically need special care and should be treated as early as possible.

Very often, all that is needed to treat this area is the right treatment plan, persistence, teamwork and dedication to your health to help reduce or eliminate your pain.

If surgery is ultimately needed, we will match you with an excellent surgeon who can help with your condition.