Medication Policies

Conquest MD Medication Policies

You must be seen by our physcian in the office to receive prescription medication.

If you are requesting to transfer your care from another office to our physician, be sure that you have more than enough medication in the event that our physician is unable to take your case. He may not refill your medication even if you are on your last tablet.

Medications should not be shared with family members or friends. This may be harmful for you or anyone that shares your medication.

All medications are to be taken as prescibed by your physician. If more medication is taken than prescribed by your physican this may be harmful to you and your physician may not refill your medication for your safety. If any adjustments are needed for your medication, you are to contact the office and make an appointment to be seen by the physcian.

You must use only 1 pharmacy to fill your prescription. It is your responsibility to update your file with our office if your pharmacy information changes.

Prescription Refills

If you have been on the same dose of medication for more than a month, your medication may be refilled by contacting your pharmacy. Your pharmacy will electronically contact the office for a new prescription refil for you.

If you contact your pharmacy and there has been no response from our office within 48 hours, contact our office directly at (214) 544-9887 so that we may assist you directly.

If you are on an established medication dose that is not expected to change, you will be required to be seen in the office once every 3 months by our physician for re-evaluation and to be sure that the medication is not causing any unwanted side effects.

Pain Medication

If you are taking any type of opioid pain medication, you will be required to be seen in the office every 30 days for a new prescription in order to continue the medication.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you are seen in the office before your opioid pain medication is due to run out.

Prescription refills are not considered to be a medical emergency and will not be addressed after hours, on weekends, or on holidays.