We Provide Hip Injections That Give Pain Relief Frisco Women Desire

It is not uncommon for women to suffer hip pain which is often caused by overuse and normal wear and tear. Like many categories of chronic pain, women tend to suffer hip pain more than their male counterparts. Besides normal wear and tear and overuse, hip pain origins can come from a number of causes and determining the cause is the key in receiving the proper treatment. Hip pain can make walking and even sitting a difficult and painful task, and oral treatments don’t always work. We provide hip injections that will give pain relief Frisco women desire. Here are the most common causes of hip pain in women.

  • Arthritis is one of the more common causes of hip pain females experience. As you age, the ball and socket joint begins to wear out. Arthritis pain is felt in the front part of the thigh and in the area of the groin and is caused by stiffness and swelling of the joint.
  • A fracture of the hip is all too common in older females, principally with those who suffer low bone density. Hip fracture symptoms include pain when attempting to stand or walk and the toes on your injured side will turn out.
  • Like men, women can suffer a hernia. Pregnant women are often susceptible to this type of injury as they have added pressure on the wall of their abdomen.
  • There are a number of tendons in and around the area of the hip that can be easily inflamed. Runners are a greater risk to suffer tendonitis in the hip joint.

Regardless the reason for the pain in your hips, we offer a solution. Contact us today for further details.