We Can Administer Shoulder Injections to Reduce the Pain You are Feeling

Your shoulder is made up of two separate joints, the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular joints. These joints allow your arm both to move around and to rotate around in the shoulder. Both of these joints are held together by ligaments and muscle attachments that can easily be stretched, weakened and torn when force is applied to the shoulder through play or a fall. The shoulder can become dislocated from being jerked, or pulled back when throwing a ball etc. A dislocation of the shoulder or tear of the labrum tendon or any other tear of the ligament in the shoulder can be very painful and may require surgical repair or even cause permanent damage. There are times when a shoulder doesn’t have a tear or dislocation but still causes pain. Inflammation in the tendon or bursa is many times the cause of the pain. Conquest MD is a great resource in this case.

We can administer shoulder injections to reduce the pain you are feeling. Severe pain can be treated if the pain is so bad it keeps you from your usual routines such as exercising, work and extracurricular activities. We will work with you to diminish your pain and get you back to living life as you had before.

We work with Aetna, BlueCross/Blue Shield, Conventry, Cigna, United Healthcare, Pacificare, Medicare, Texas True Choice and Tricare insurance companies. If this is not your insurance provider don’t get discouraged, call us at 214-544-9887 to see how we can help.