Spinal Injections Administered by Your Frisco Spine Care Clinic is One Way to Relieve Your Back Pain

There are several terms used to describe the pathology and associated pain in the back, such as pinched nerve, bulging disc and herniated disc are often used interchangeably. Any number of healthcare professionals do not agree with a precise definition of any of these terms, adding to the confusion of the patient. But rather than concerning themselves with what is causing the pain in their back, it is far more useful to look into what will stop the pain. Spinal injections administered by your Frisco spine care clinic is one way to relieve your back pain, regardless the name of the condition.

In identifying the cause of your pain, here are two general types of spinal problems you could be experiencing.

Pinched Nerve

When you suffer a herniated disc, the disc itself is not painful. Rather, it is the material leaking out of the inside of your disc and pinching a nearby nerve that is the cause of your pain. This is referred to as a radicular pain and may very well lead to pain in other parts of your body, perhaps as far as the length of your arm or leg. Other common causes of a pinched nerve may include bone spurs, spinal arthritis and spinal stenosis.

Disc Pain

When you suffer from a degenerated disc, the pain that you feel is within the space of the disc. The source of this pain is called axial pain. Disc space pain is also referred to as degenerative disc disease.

Regardless the reason you suffer back pain, spinal injections will help. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to have us answer your questions.