Don’t Live with the Pain, See Your Frisco Shoulder Pain Doctor Now!

Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are using our shoulders during the day (or night). Until, that is, it starts hurting. It may start off as minor pain but then gets progressively worse as the day(s) go on. Then you become conscious of how much you are using your shoulder. You use it to get dressed, to drive, even typing on a computer may agitate your shoulder. Why are you letting the pain continue? Yes, it could be minor and could go away in a couple of days but what if it doesn’t? It could go on for more than a week and the pain never dulls. Instead, you could go see your shoulder pain doctor now and save yourself a week of pain.

At Conquest MD® we can help with your pain management. With a treatment plan, we can make it so you don’t have to live with your pain and get back to a normal, pain free life. Shoulder surgery is not always the only option. With an appointment, we can determine if we can offer shoulder injections directed at the source of the pain. Once the pain has subsided, you may be able to work out the shoulders problem area so that it can get stronger and less painful for you.

So whether you have pain in your collarbone, your shoulder blade or your upper arm bone, we can help manage your pain. Call us today for an appointment and get back to a healthier you.