Baseball Injuries That May Require a Trip to Your Frisco Shoulder Pain Doctor

Many of you are probably under the assumption that baseball is a sport in which fewer injuries happen. After all, it's not like your contact sports like football or hockey where injuries seem to happen in every professional game. And baseball is nowhere near as dangerous as events like boxing. While baseball isn't notorious for injuries, it does receive its fair share of them. With all those muscles, ligaments and tendons pulling, there is a serious risk for some injuries. For example, many baseball players wind up at their doctor's office with shoulder pain. With all the hard throwing happening in baseball, shoulder and arm pain is actually very common. Here are other baseball injuries that may require a trip to your Frisco shoulder pain doctor.

Good baseball pitchers are accurate throwers and hard throwers as well. When throwing a baseball at speeds up to 100 mph, there is a good chance something might get hurt. The rotator cuff is a set of muscles in your shoulder that enable your shoulder to rotate. Repetitive motions on the tendons in the rotator cuff can cause them to tear over time, resulting in obvious injury.

If you think only tennis players suffer from tennis elbow, you would be wrong. Inflammation that runs up and down the side of the arm is commonly known as tennis elbow and is commonly seen in baseball players. Repetitive throwing and swinging of the baseball bat can lead to this condition.

As you can see, you can suffer some pretty serious injuries in baseball. If you suffered injuries from playing baseball in your youth, you might be suffering from them still. Give us a call and we can help.