At Conquest MD, Serving McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco, Texas, We Offer Services Ranging from Knee and Spinal Injections to Lumbar Sympathetic Block

At Conquest MD, serving McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco, Texas, we offer services ranging from knee and spinal injections to lumbar sympathetic block. We do our absolute best to quickly reduce or elimate your pain and help you manage you painful symptoms. If you suffer from neck pain, the culprit may just be a pinched nerve. People often talk about having a pinched nerve, but just what is a pinched nerve? To better understand the answer to that question, it is important to learn a little about the spinal cord and the nerves that may become pinched.

Your nerves extend from your brain into your arms and legs and send messages to your skin and muscles. It is in these nerves where you get your skin and muscle sensations. Peripheral nerves are a lot like fiber-optic cables, or little garden hoses that transport fluid throughout your body. If your nerve gets pinched, the flow of these little garden hoses gets greatly reduced if not totally blocked. This means the nutrients through the nerves stop flowing. The membrane starts to lose its ability to transmit the electrical charges that give you sensation and, in fact, may eventually die. This is when you begin to lose skin sensation and your muscles may not contract properly.

A pinched nerve in your lower back may cause muscle spasms and pain in your legs. However, sometimes nerves can be pinched without suffering pain, but you may still feel tingling, numbness and weakness.

The good news is very few people need surgery to fix a pinched nerve. There are a number of non-surgical treatments that can be utilized to relieve and manage the pain.