As a Frisco Sport’s Medicine and Pain Management Clinic, We Offer Relief from Pain Through the Use of Injections

As a Frisco sport's medicine and pain management clinic, we offer relief from pain through the use of injections. You may not enjoy the idea of getting a shot to relieve your pain and inflammation, but you need to get used to the idea that injection are successful and will help. Injections are often an alternative to those who have no other means for relief other than surgery. Injections are also a viable option for those who cannot get pain relief through surgery due to any number of medical conditions. Injections can be utilized to relieve neck pain, knee pain, low back pain and other painful conditions caused by acute injuries, sport's injuries or medical conditions.

Sometimes, injections can be used to diagnose as well as treat and illness or injury. If an injection offers pain relief to a certain area, it is then likely that area is the source of the problem. But if the injection offers no relief, the pain could be traveling from another location. Injections can be divided into three categories, soft tissue injections, joint injections and nerve block injections.

Injections are a safe method of pain relief, with few side effects. There is the possibility you could suffer an infection or perhaps an allergic reaction due to an injection. You may also suffer local bleeding or some skin discoloration at the site of the injection. You may also experience a little pain during the procedure, but that will be short-lived. And the results of an injection could be pain relief that lasts for months.