Plano Residents May Want to Consider Corticosteroid Knee Injections to Help Reduce Pain

Corticosteroids are a class of medications related to cortisone and are used to reduce inflammation. Plano residents may want to consider corticosteroid knee injections to help reduce pain. Corticosteroids, or cortisone, are widely available and can be taken by mouth, applied to the skin or injected into specific area of the body.

While not a pain reliever, they do reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces the pain you might be suffering. Injections can provide months or even years of relief when used properly. Injections can be used to treat very small, specific parts of the body, but can also be utilized to treat inflammation that is widespread. Cortisone injections are used to treat such affliction like tennis elbow, foot conditions and knee pain.

If you are suffering from a swollen joint, fluid may be removed before the injection and can be analyzed to determine what caused the swelling in the first place. One big benefit cortisone injections hold is the relief of inflammation is more rapid than traditional methods. Injections also are a way to avoid certain side effects that can occur when taking medications by mouth. For example, oral medications often cause irritation in the stomach. Another benefit of injections is they can be easily performed right in an office setting, no need to visit a hospital. Additionally, injections offer rapid relief, they are dependable and offer minimal side effects. The most noted side effect is the necessity of piercing the skin.

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