1. Don’t Live with the Pain, See Your Frisco Shoulder Pain Doctor Now!

    Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are using our shoulders during the day (or night). Until, that is, it starts hurting. It may start off as minor pain but then gets progressively worse as the day(s) go on. Then you become conscious of how much you are using your shoulder. You use it to get dressed, to drive, even typing on a computer may agitate your shoulder. Why are you letting the pa…Read More

  2. Reasons Shoulder Injections May Be Necessary for Plano Residents Suffering from Shoulder Pain

    Your shoulder is known as being the most mobile joint in your body. Impressive indeed, but being the most mobile joint also has its disadvantages. The considerable ranges of movement your shoulder can accomplish can make it unstable, which can cause shoulder problems to be a common occurrence. One reason shoulder injuries are so common is because the ball component in the upper arm of the joint is…Read More