1. As a Frisco Sport’s Medicine and Pain Management Clinic, We Offer Relief from Pain Through the Use of Injections

    As a Frisco sport's medicine and pain management clinic, we offer relief from pain through the use of injections. You may not enjoy the idea of getting a shot to relieve your pain and inflammation, but you need to get used to the idea that injection are successful and will help. Injections are often an alternative to those who have no other means for relief other than surgery. Injections are al…Read More

  2. Your Sports Medicine and Pain Management Clinic in Plano Can Help You Properly and Effectively Treat Your Chronic Pain

    Your primary care physician will work diligently to improve and monitor your overall health. But often, they will send you to a focused specialist to manage certain conditions and afflictions, including pain management. Being referred to a pain management specialist is essential in improving your overall quality of life. One way to manage pain is through medications, but there are better alternati…Read More

  3. Reasons to Schedule an Appointment with Your Frisco-Based Sports Medicine and Pain Management Clinic

    There are those who might feel they don't qualify for the services offered by a sports medicine physician simply due to the fact they are not an athlete. But there are reports that outline why people of all ages and sizes benefit from utilizing a sports medicine specialist, and you don't have to be an athlete to reap these benefits. This is reason enough to schedule an appointment with your Frisco…Read More