1. Running and Preventing Knee Injury

    There are a few reasons people go running. Running is a great way to stay active and keep the pounds away and for some this is the only reason to run. Some people enjoy running because it gets them away from the stresses that life brings. They can put in their earbuds and just take off without purpose or direction. What most people don’t think about when they are running is the stress that your …Read More

  2. Don’t Let Your Knee Pain Control Your Life

    If you are an active person, you know that sometimes your body doesn’t work the way you want it too. As we get older, our joints and muscles fight us harder. Aches and pains are just part of the game of life. But, sometimes, the pain that we feel is more than just a normal everyday ache and pain. Something as easy as going up or down the stairs can cause your knee to give out to immense pain. In…Read More

  3. Don’t Live with the Pain, See Your Frisco Shoulder Pain Doctor Now!

    Most of the time, we don’t realize that we are using our shoulders during the day (or night). Until, that is, it starts hurting. It may start off as minor pain but then gets progressively worse as the day(s) go on. Then you become conscious of how much you are using your shoulder. You use it to get dressed, to drive, even typing on a computer may agitate your shoulder. Why are you letting the pa…Read More

  4. There are Many Ways You Hurt Your Back and Wind Up Having to Visit Your Frisco Back Pain Doctor

    In our last post, we were discussing the different ways we hurt our backs and touched upon ways to minimize these incidents as well. There are many ways you hurt your back and wind up having to visit your Frisco back pain doctor. For example, playing sports at a level you are no longer accustomed and doing basic chores around your house. Here are a few more ways people manage to wreck their backs.…Read More

  5. Your Frisco Back Pain Doctor has Treatments That Specifically Targets Your Back Pain

    There are far too many people who feel their back pain is simply an unavoidable discomfort. But there is good news. Your Frisco back pain doctor has treatments that specifically targets your back pain. And as far as future back problems go, you have more control over that than what you might think. You can wreck your back in any number of ways to be sure, but there are ways to minimize the wear an…Read More

  6. Baseball Injuries That May Require a Trip to Your Frisco Shoulder Pain Doctor

    Many of you are probably under the assumption that baseball is a sport in which fewer injuries happen. After all, it's not like your contact sports like football or hockey where injuries seem to happen in every professional game. And baseball is nowhere near as dangerous as events like boxing. While baseball isn't notorious for injuries, it does receive its fair share of them. With all those muscl…Read More

  7. There are Many McKinney Residents Who Receive Cortisone Shoulder Injections to Relieve Their Pain

    If you suffer chronic pain, whether that might be chronic neck pain, back pain or even chronic shoulder or knee pain, you could benefit from receiving cortisone injection as a viable treatment. You might not be aware of this, but cortisone shots have been used as a form of pain treatment since the 1950's. In fact, there are many McKinney residents who receive cortisone shoulder injections to reli…Read More

  8. As a Frisco Sport’s Medicine and Pain Management Clinic, We Offer Relief from Pain Through the Use of Injections

    As a Frisco sport's medicine and pain management clinic, we offer relief from pain through the use of injections. You may not enjoy the idea of getting a shot to relieve your pain and inflammation, but you need to get used to the idea that injection are successful and will help. Injections are often an alternative to those who have no other means for relief other than surgery. Injections are al…Read More

  9. At Conquest MD, Serving McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco, Texas, We Offer Services Ranging from Knee and Spinal Injections to Lumbar Sympathetic Block

    At Conquest MD, serving McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco, Texas, we offer services ranging from knee and spinal injections to lumbar sympathetic block. We do our absolute best to quickly reduce or elimate your pain and help you manage you painful symptoms. If you suffer from neck pain, the culprit may just be a pinched nerve. People often talk about having a pinched nerve, but just what is a pinc…Read More

  10. Knee Injections From Your Mckinney Sport’s Medicine Clinic Offer a Solution

    At some point in your life, you will likely suffer some sort of knee pain. Exercise, sports and other activities can and will cause muscle strains and more serious damage to the cartilage and ligaments of the knee. Some of you will suffer pain so severe that your daily activities are limited, others will suffer chronic knee pain that puts a hindrance on your busy lifestyle. Either way, your qualit…Read More